Vetiver system and how it works
Vetiver grass is an alternative to the conventional, engineered soil conservation systems available today. Vetiver grass is widely used in mine rehabilitation and waste water management systems for domestic and commercial properties. It is also widely used to improve agricultural pastoral land. When the Vetiver grass is planted in single rows, the plants will form a hedge which is highly effective in slowing down and spreading run-off water, reducing soil erosion, conserving soil moisture and trapping sediment and farm chemicals. Although other hedges can do that, Vetiver grass has an extraordinary deep and massively thick root system which binds the soil and makes its difficult to be dislodged under strong water flows on riverbanks and flood plains. Its deep and fast growing root system makes it drought tolerant and highly resistant to pests, diseases and fire.

Form and Structure
Vetiver grass does not produce above ground runners, but has a strong and massive root system which is very fast growing and descends to a depth of 2 to 3 meters within the first year. Because the root system is focused below the soil it can reach up to 5 meters in tropical conditions. The depth of the root structure provides the plant with great tolerance to drought. Vetiver grass can penetrate through compacted soil layers which creates efficient infiltration to the soil moisture. The above ground shoots can grow up to 2 meters high when planted close together. These form a solid vegetative barrier that returns water flow which filters trapped sediment and run-off water. Vetiver growth occurs from the crowns which grow and rise relative to the sediment soil build up. It is also resistant to pest, diseases, fire and heavy grazing.



Our products are made from our own Australian steam distilled Vetiver water and Vetiver oil. We offer skin care products for therapeutic treatment and aromatic purposes. We also offer Vetiver roots which can be used in perfume scent and spiritual rituals.We offer the following products

  • Face Moisturisers
  • Soap
  • Roots
  • Hydrosol
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