Frequently Asked Questions

Maximise your listing profile

Images are vitally important to your business, not just to showcase how great you are, but to help you get found online.

  • Rename your images so they are relevant to the business or what customers may search for, for example ‘plumber Clarence Valley’ or ‘café Maclean’
  • Doing this helps your images appear in Google Image searches and also helps SEO on your page
  • If you have photos on your Facebook or Instagram page, you can easily use these images for your cover, gallery or logo
  • Specifications of images – All image sizes are provided below for resizing. If you are unfamiliar with resizing images, don’t stress! We will be checking all images for you to make sure they look perfect on your listing. It is best to keep your images under 300kb

Your profile cover photo is the first impression of your business. It’s a good idea to use images that customers already associate with your business to keep brand awareness. This may be a cover photo from your social media or website.

Upload your preferred logo in the above dimensions. The logo from your social media platforms should be the perfect size for this.

The image gallery is where you get to showcase your product or service and highlight your visual appearance. You can gather these images from your preferred platform, save them and drag them into your gallery.

Description | Be informative, explain who you are, what your business does, where you operate and how long you’ve been doing it for. You may already have these details written on your website, which means you can just copy and paste this part.

Services | Ensure you cover all services that your business can provide, using plenty of detail so that customers can determine that the service you provide is best suited for them.

This is a great feature to showcase in your profile! There are two options for this:

1) YouTube or Vimeo | If you already have one of these accounts, you can just copy and paste the URL to your preferred video

2) Facebook | If you have a video on your Facebook page that you would like to use, you can also copy and paste the URL to the video.

Here’s how:

Step One – Go to your video on your Facebook page, click ‘share’ or the ‘3 dots’
Step Two – Scroll down and you will see there is an option to copy your URL, to then paste into your profile

You will need to choose a category that is best suited to your business, for example it may be ‘Hairdresser’, ‘Electrician’, ‘Retail Shopping’ or ‘Trades’. This allows your business to show up as a listing when a customer is specifically looking for the work that you can provide. If you are unable to find the right category for your business, please let us know and we can look into creating something new that will suit you.

Manage your listing

You can manage your listing by logging into your account. Once logged in, under your name on the top right hand side of the screen you will see a dropdown menu which will include “My Listings“.   This is where you can manage your listing profile.

You can edit your listing by going to “My Listings” and click on the ‘edit’ icon in the listing you would like to edit

You can promote your listing by visiting your “My Listings” profile and click the icon “Promote”. You will get a popup window with different promotion options for example 2 week promotion or 30 day promotion. Click on the desired timeframe and follow the instructions to pay for listing promotion.

To view your listing stats please visit “My Listings” and click on the icon “Stats”

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan by going to “My Listings” and click the “Switch Plan” button on your listing.

If you went directly to REGISTER, entered your details, you can now go to the top right hand corner and SELECT ADD LISTING.  SELECT YOUR PACKAGE AND UPLOAD YOUR DETAILS.

Clarence Valley Directory Support Service

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