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Our eye-catching featured banners appear on the homepage of our directory, as well as when your businesses category is searched.

What are the benefits of advertising with us?

Having your business in the Clarence Valley Directory is already a great step in the right direction, but by using a featured ad you can grab the attention of potential customers immediately and directly.

With so many great local businesses in the region, using a featured ad is the best way to advertise to a highly targeted audience that are already looking for what you offer.

With complete control over timeframes, showcase your business during special events, seasonal offers or when you need a little extra boost.

Option 1: Featured Ad

You can supply us with your pre-designed advertisement and a hyperlink to your URL of choice, whether that be your website, social media, or to a direct product or service that you are trying to push.

A graphic advertisement that you may already be using on your social media platforms is a great choice for this option as it is already designed and being used across your business.

Your Featured Ad will display on our site for 30 days.

Option 2: Custom Featured Ad

Let us custom create your ad!

Are you selling a new product? Do you want to bring more brand awareness to your business?

We can custom design your ad for you by pulling key images and headlines from your website and social media pages. This helps us create an ad that gets your brand message across quickly and effectively, grabbing the attention of customers.

Your Custom Featured Ad will display on our site for 30 days.

Ready to boost your online presence with Featured Ads?

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