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Supporting local businesses means securing the economy for our region.

The Clarence Valley Directory exists to serve and support our community.
By simply browsing our directory or listing your business, you're contributing towards securing the economy for our region.

Clarence Valley is abundant when it comes to fabulous cafes, restaurants, trades and retail
We have amazing local family owned businesses providing us with all the services we need.
To help make these businesses accessible and also combine all the amazing recommendations, Clarence Valley Directory was born!

Together, we bring about growth, innovation and employment to our local region. But we're so much more than just a business listing. You'll hear the stories and the people behind every business and what they are up to - and when we say people, it's our friendly neighbours, friends and family.

Let's keep the spirit alive and our businesses well-positioned.
Together, we will keep Clarence Valley open for business.

Together, we connect, support and thrive!

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